Old Soul Antiques N such...a history

I’ve always loved old things- all old things- combine that to my sentimental side and Wham! a collector was born!

In my free time, I read and research items to give me the upper hand when I’m ‘out hunting’. I scour flea markets, estate sales, antique shops and any place that might offer the chance to acquire a little pieces of history.

In my mind, history doesn’t have to mean a great battle or event in time. 

It’s the history of many everyday events. 

The events that aren’t documented. The lives of ordinary people in a time long ago. 

The mundane and ordinary that shaped us into what and where we are today. Mill workers, housewives, farmers, factory workers, clerks -Oh the list goes on!

How they did things gives me such an appreciation for the ease of the life we now live thanks to their ingenuity, craftsmanship and pride taken to make things is amazing to me!!

What stories would these items tell?! 

Of the victorian socialites having tea with their fine china sharing the latest gossip, the housewives baking bread each day since a convenience store was miles and miles away, the gumption of young men, many new to America, to start a business and determination to make it grow with hard work and the shirt on their back many of which still exist today!!

Oh so many stories!!!

I’ve been a collector for years…what exactly do I collect? 

A little bit of just about everything!! I’m out of control !!! It’s an addiction. 

I feel like I’m saving these items from demise, from being forgotten, from extinction!! This is also why the variety in my shop is a bit varied.

When the weather warms here in New England many are thinking of picnics, gardening, days at the beach. 

Me? Well, I’m planning my route and setting the schedule for the estate sales and flea markets. I’m lucky to have a few in the area that I frequent along with my list of favorite antique shops saved for rainy days and colder weather.

I absolutely love it !!! 

However, this love of mine takes up space. I’m not a hoarder. Or maybe I’m in denial but I prefer the term ‘collector’ but regardless…. space is limited.

I realized this recently and convinced myself to skip the flea market one sunny beautiful Sunday this past summer. 

Talking to myself “Your running out of room.” “You don’t really need these things” “blahblahblah!!!” and so on.

 I was miserable sitting home wondering what amazing treasures and deals I was missing!!! Then a light bulb went off-- Eureka!!!(Thank you Thomas Edison!) 

That is when I decided to open up shop!! 

 I could feed my addiction and not clog up the small bits of space I have left!! I could be a antique shopper for others that love old things as much as I do!! 


I’ve also realized many people have questions about the antique world, which I remember when starting out- can be quite intimidating. 

That being said - I try to include a bit of history if possible to each item I post. I personally think it’s interesting and enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired with others. 

So OldSoulAntiquesNsuch was born out of love and maybe a little desperation to maintain an addiction and keep my sanity!

So if you’re reading this and have stopped by my shop -Welcome.

I’m sure you have a bit of an old soul too and in my book - that’s a beautiful thing my friend!

Thank you


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